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Introduction of two companies that have realized efficiency and improved customer satisfaction from using the virtual office services of Telephone Secretary Center.
Telephone Secretary Center's Call Forwarding Service
Representative Mr. Peter Anderson
Educational Marketing and Consulting
■Name   Representative Mr. Peter Anderson
■Type of business   Assists students who want to study abroad in countries such as Australia, the United Kingdom, or the United States.
■Service   Management of Australian, UK, and American study abroad programs for students. Telephone answering service
Key deciding factors
・To gain the trust of students studying abroad and their parents, it is very important to have professional telephone answering services. For this reason, I made a search and decided to use the services of Telephone Secretary Center.

・In addition, clients are able to receive messages instantly even if they are calling from abroad.

1.Problems faced before using the service

In the past I had to answer all calls by myself. When I was busy, I couldn’t do so. Clients get worried if they cannot get in touch with a company. For study abroad students and their parents, using professional services provides a sense of trust and reliability.

2.How did you discover Telephone Secretary Center?

The service was introduced to me one day by a friend.

3.Decision to use Telephone Secretary Center

Telephone Secretary Center is able to provide a service that seems immediate even for customers calling from abroad. As such, I am able to keep in touch with customers. Also, for callers from overseas the availability of bilingual services was a big positive factor. Telephone Secretary Center always aims to please the customer, so I have had no worries at all.

4.Other merits

Currently, with the spread of the Internet, the environment surrounding the use of the telephone is changing. When one is going out, for example, telephone calls can be transferred to mobile phone calls and Skype can be used to call abroad. This, however, is impersonal. With Japanese customers, traditionally, politeness is still very important. Quick response and politeness will continue to be important to the efficient running of my business in the future. As such, I will continue to use the services of Telephone Secretary Center.

~Thanks very much, Peter, for taking the time to provide some insights into your experience ~
In thinking about the future of my company, I decided to use a company that offers a wide range of services.
Mr. Kevin Estes
Perle Systems Company
■Name   Mr. Kevin Estes
■Type of business   Headquartered in Canada (computer systems manufacturing/IT company focusing on maintenance)
■Service   Virtual Office
Key deciding factors
・The availability of meeting spaces at various locations in the center of the city was important. This was a definite advantage for the future of our business.

・Allowing Telephone Secretary Center to handle all our phone calls allowed us to give full attention to the customer and to focus on priority areas, which makes business easier to do.

1.Problems faced before using the service

At first I only considered using Telephone Secretary Center for those occasions when there was no one in our office. Later, however, once the office was closed, it made sense to use virtual office services.

2.How did you discover Telephone Secretary Center?

Because we were few in number, it was difficult to keep up with all our clients. As such, we occasionally requested telephone answering staff for one day. There were occasional problems with temporary staff agencies. Eventually, it made more sense to use virtual office services.

3.Decision to use Telephone Secretary Center

In addition to the telephone answering service, the availability of meeting spaces in various convenient locations in the heart of the city was an important factor. We saw an opportunity in these advantages for the future of our business.

4.What were your impressions of Telephone Secretary Center?

When the service started, everything flowed very smoothly. When customers called, these were forwarded to my mobile phone. Messages were also left securely on my answering machine.

5.Dealing with initial anxieties

Because our services are based on specialized knowledge, we wondered if Telephone Secretary Center staff could handle it. But Telephone Staff listened carefully and accurately communicated messages. Also, in cases of particular difficulty, they directed that the information be passed directly to the person in charge. This helped to ease our concerns.

6.Other merits

Also, before, when I was taking business telephone calls by myself, there were many calls, making it difficult to handle all of them at the same time. But now, because all calls go through Telephone Secretary Center, I can respond to customers after prioritizing the calls, thus making it easier to do business.
Telephone Secretary Center operators are also polite and accurate in dealing with customers. As such, as the face of our company, customers are very satisfied.

~Thanks very much, Kevin, for taking the time to share this information ~