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About our offices
About our offices
Here are some details about our offices.
Our Akasaka office is close to many government offices and the Japanese Diet as well as various ministries. It is right at the heart of Tokyo, near to the famous palace, Akasaka Gosho. This area has great natural scenery and is a delight throughout the four seasons.
It is a highly convenient place for doing business in Japan, which is why many of our business clients seem to prefer it.
Akasaka office
Minami Aoyama
Telephone Secretary Center’s Minami Aoyama office overlooks a garden on the east side and is only three minutes'walk from the Aoyama Itchome subway station. Not far off are the Akasaka Palace and Jingu Gaien. It is a quiet business area.

Even today, the Minami Aoyama area stands out as a top center in Japan for creative endeavors, attracting top fashion talent, musicians, designers, and media companies.

Establishing a business in Minami-Aoyama confers it with a powerful brand that is bound to grow even more in the future, as more top-notch companies move into the area.
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Telephone Secretary Center’s Yokohama Office is located in the government offices district, and is close to the Yokohama Port. It is in a quiet but highly convenient and attractive area.

Following the renovation of the office this spring, we are able to offer our members a chance to use meeting rooms. Take advantage of our Yokohama office, one of the key centers for business.

Also, the office can be a place to meet clients or do your own work. It might interest you to know that there is coffee service!
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