Telephone Secretary Center

Telephone Answering Service
Telephone Answering Service
When your company is busy or you are unavailable, the transfer function of the phone line allows you to transfer incoming calls to our agency. Our agency can answer such phone calls for you.
Also, we do not only answer phone calls for clients. If you desire, we can handle such matters as answering specific queries, schedule management, reception services, and handling your phone calls when you are away, e.g. business trip.
Telephone Secretary Center's Call Forwarding Service
We have 30 years' experience and a track record of providing effective and high quality service.
We offer an automatic call forwarding service; we have received favorable reviews from numerous customers.
Characteristics and merits of Telephone Secretary Center
You need telephone answering services either when busy or unavailable
at the company
With our many years of experience, we can meet your highest quality telephone answering needs.
It is not efficient for you to hire permanent staff to handle telephone calls
By outsourcing your telephone calls, you can reduce costs. Focusing on high-priority tasks can make your work more efficient.
Entrusting your phone calls to us means having urgent telephone
calls handled quickly
Please consider Telephone Secretary Center's "Automatic Call Forwarding Service." No matter where you are, this service acts like an internal transfer, thus allowing us to respond to your incoming calls quickly.
Plan Days Hours Basic fee (monthly)
Regular Mon-Fri 9:00~18:00 ¥17,280 (including tax)
*Up to 100 calls