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Call Forwarding service
Call Forwarding service
Through the use of "Automatic Call Forwarding" service, clients can remain connected while calls are transferred to your phone. This is truly an innovative service that acts as a bridge between you and our company.
Call Forwarding service
Telephone Secretary Center's "Automatic Call Forwarding" service is recommended for clients with the following needs:
Basically you would like to answer all calls within your company, but rather than answering the calls you would first like us to take the calls.

While you are considering the use of virtual office services, Telephone Secretary Center can provide you with the initial support in answering your phone. Later on, once you are set up, you can transfer these functions to your own home, or office.

While you have many staff members, you want Telephone Secretary Center to first pick up the calls and then transfer them to the appropriate person.

Even when you are out, there are many phone calls; you would like these phone calls to be quickly forwarded to you.

Normally, you want Telephone Secretary Center to handle your calls but occasionally, you want urgent or complicated seeming matters transferred to you.
Sample Cases
Currently, the members featured below have used the transfer service of Telephone Secretary Center.
Company A
Communications company
Has many staff members but Telephone Secretary center first receives the phone calls and then transfers them to the appropriate person.
Company B
Foreign-owned company
The company itself is located in Yokohama but uses Telephone Secretary Center's address and telephone number in Tokyo; calls received are then transferred seamlessly to the Yokohama office.
Company C
Real estate company
All phone calls to the company go through Telephone Secretary Center. Telephone Secretary Center handles routine inquiries and sends out info such as plans on behalf of the company. When an inquiry demands a personal response, we transfer the call to the person responsible.
Service Cost ¥2,160 (plus charges base of length of telephone call)