Telephone Secretary Center

Staff’s Voice
Staff’s Voice
Here’s the voice of one of the operators at Telephone Secretary Center.
We all bear in mind that we are entrusted with a very important part of our clients’ companies, reception.
Ms.Yoko KatsuraumaKnowing that every call can be from a customer or open up potential business opportunities for our clients, we take each call with a clear sense of its importance to our clients.

By going through a rigorous training program, we are all well qualified and competent, which enable us to work as a team with a great sense of responsibility.

We take calls immediately (no missed call, of course!), answer correctly while keeping our tone of voice pleasant and welcoming, and then, pass the messages on swiftly to our clients.

The long record of over 30 years in this field testifies that we have already built up faith in our clients. Through experience, we have increased our tactfulness and capability in dealing with any kind of call and case.

We are willing to make adjustments and tailor our services to fit the needs of our clients. If requested, we can maintain awareness of a client’s schedule and pass on relevant information to callers.

Our success is not all a matter of our skills, but also our hearts.
Callers can’t see us but should feel our sincerity.

We promise to work hard to contribute to a good image of your company and your success.

Please count on us as reliable members of your staff.
(Ms.Yoko Katsurauma)